In a standardizing world, rarity is a treasure. Poetry of concept, technical excellence of process and cunning of execution, Métiers Rares puts artisanal intelligence at the service of its customers' quest for rarity.

Métiers rares

Métiers Rares is a creative agency inspired by the career and vision of its founder Raphaëlle Le Baud, an entrepreneur who has been involved in the crafts since 2010. We work with companies wishing to place rarity at the heart of their objects, their spaces and their stories.
In 2018, Métiers Rares was born of the desire to combine our exceptional network of art artisans with our understanding of the challenges and processes of luxury houses. Today, Métiers Rares is also a consultancy that supports the strategies of institutions and companies wishing to speak out on know-how.
Métiers Rares is a founding sponsor of The Craft Project, a podcast and media dedicated to whetting people's appetite for fine crafts.

Raphaëlle Le Baud

Co-founder of Maison d'éventails Duvelleroy and Laboratoire Mayaro, Raphaëlle Le Baud is also the founder of The Craft Project, a media outlet and podcast dedicated to whetting the appetite for fine crafts.
Raphaëlle Le Baud unites a large, committed community around her expertise and passion. She is an ambassador of the Michelangelo Foundation for fine crafts, a finalist for the Prix Parcours de la Fondation Bettencourt in 2020, and a member of numerous fine crafts juries.

Conceived and produced by Métiers Rares, Objets Sensuels is a clandestine exhibition accessible by word of mouth during Haute Couture week in January 2023. Conceived by Raphaëlle Le Baud and designed by Pierre-Yves Guenec, it brought together 28 of France's finest craftsmen in the renovated spaces of Le Meurice in Paris. This sensory introduction to arts and crafts welcomed 2,000 visitors over 5 days.

Credit: © Géronimo


Strategic planning

Construction of proprietary story arcs to feed the marketing and communications plan for scarcity.

Plateforme technique

Design, development and production for artistic projects involving materials. 3D designers, craft engineers and specialized workshops are mobilized to develop Uberpieces, limited series, gifting and re-use objects.

Moments Rares

Design and production of formative experiences for your teams and customers.

Creation of content

Design and writing of manifestos and know-how bibles. Creation of brand content (podcasts, photo and video).

Cultural engineering

Curating and producing exhibitions, cultural mediation.


Design and deployment of philanthropic strategies in the arts and crafts: calls for proposals, prizes, endowment funds, foundations.

Credit: © Géronimo

Credit: © Hennessy

They trust us

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Rue Amélie

18bis rue Amélie, 75007 Paris

Métiers Rares is located at 18bis rue Amélie in the 7th arrondissement of Paris. Au 20, the new Paris address of The Invisible Collection, in residence at Galerie Mayaro. At number 17, the boutique of the historic Duvelleroy fan house.